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Political Savvy

Systematic Approaches to Leadership Behind-the-Scenes

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While most people are wary of organization politics, politically savvy leaders know how to manage them. They take initiative, and they forge consensus. Ultimately, they help others maximize their impact, so the organization can continue to thrive in a highly competitive future. Learn the Leadership and Management Skills you or your executives need to navigate corporate politics positively and successfully!

Political Savvy ethical leadership in organizational politicsInspirational leadership without a firm grounding in organization politics risks becoming hollow rhetoric. Political Savvy discusses how successful leaders at all levels in the organization operate ethically behind-the-scenes to work the darker side of organizational life.

The book helps you analyze your own political style, (yes, everyone has one) and understand the strategies and tactics used by ethical leaders. Through quotes, grids, tools, a case study, mapping techniques and examples, the book provides a systematic, practical guide to navigating political minefields so you can increase your influence in the organization, coach others, and obtain the career success, satisfaction, and meaning you want from work.

PDF version available online - Retail Price $19.95... Only $15.00!

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Table Of Contents

Part One: Choosing to Become an Active, Ethical Player
  1. Introduction ... page 3
  2. Understanding Your Own Political Style ... page 7
  3. The Political Blind Spot ... page 27
Part Two: Systematically Understanding the Political Lay of the Land
  1. A Case Example: The Future of the Milford Steel Company ... page 53
  2. Mapping the Political Territory: The OPMT Tool ... page 63
Part Three: Taking Action: Strategy Formulation
  1. Developing Coalitions ... page 83
  2. Charting a Political Strategy: Agenda Linking ... page 95
Part Four: Tactics and Techniques of the Politically Savvy
  1. 101 Ways to Shoot Oneself in the Foot: Know the Organization's Culture ... page 119
  2. Building Momentum ... page 127
  3. Customizing Attempts at Influence ... page 153
  4. Handling the Machs ... page 185
Part Five: Summary and Conclusions
  1. Summary ... page 203
  2. Conclusions ... page 213
  • Sources for Epigraphs & Exhibits ... page 219
  • Further Readings ... page 223
  • Index ... page 231


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The book is loaded with insight and strategy that can be applied immediately. The structure of the book includes stories for the right-brained reader and strong conceptual details with charts, graphs, and maps for the left-brained reader."
-- Deanna Bryce, LeaderStrength Systems, Inc.

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Mastering organizational politics through Political Savvy is a proven ethical leadership approach that any organization and any individual can use to both influence positive change in an organization and achieve career success at the same time; even when negative organizational politics are severe.


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