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Featuring Joel R. DeLuca, Ph.D. - Experienced Coach and Author of Political Savvy

Recipient of Congressional National Leadership Award

Awarded the Ronald Regan Gold Medal for Business Leadership

Selected to Serve on the Recently Formed Presidential Business Commission

Named by Congress as a Business Man of the Year for both 2004 and 2005

Dr. DeLuca began developing this strategic action coaching approach during his tenure at Yale University. He further developed and refined it as head of executive development in a Fortune top 20 industrial corporation and as head of high potential identification and succession planning in one of the worlds largest professional service firms. It includes the standard approaches but its focus is on what has been found to be the more effective action-oriented process.

Standard coaching approaches generally fall into one of the first two categories shown below (Counseling and Coaching). The third category (Strategizing) is increasingly used by the more effective coaches, and is the focus of EBG Executive Coaching Services.

Internal/psychological oriented approaches (“Counseling”):

These approaches are generally internal and psychologically focused. They often use various psychological diagnostics. The diagnostics are interpreted and work is done with the individual to help them understand their personal style and behavior patterns in order to be more effective. Primary advantages are privacy and introspective reflection. Disadvantages can include a disconnection between the person and the organization because they often learn much about themselves which may or may not help them get things done in the organization.

External/feedback oriented approaches (“Coaching”):

These approaches are generally external and behaviorally oriented. They often use feedback from multiple sources. These sources can include peers, superiors, subordinates and internal and external clients. The feedback is processed and the client receives the common themes related to their behavior and how they come across in the organization. Primary advantages are an overview of how others see them in the organization. The individual is then coached as to how to adjust their behavior to come across more in the way that they intend. Disadvantages include lack of privacy because others are involved in providing the feedback. This can draw unwanted attention to the individual that they need to be “fixed”. Sometimes this issue can be overcome by embedding the feedback process as a part of a team building initiative in which feedback is provided to everyone so no one person is singled out.

Action/strategy oriented approaches (“Strategizing”):

These approaches are generally action and business goal oriented. They often use taking real action toward achieving a business goal as the focus for the executive coaching process. Primary advantages are that by focusing on goal achievement, it is more clearly and directly linked to benefiting the business as well as the individual. Therefore, it is much easier for many executives, wary of psychological and self-oriented approaches to engage in. Learning occurs as a result of taking action toward a business goal. This action provides the data used in the coaching process and individuals learn about themselves more through action than through psychological testing or through feedback-only based approaches.


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The Evergreen Business Group's particular specialty is the action strategy approach. We have found this way of co-strategizing with an executive to be the most useful to the individual and the organization. Making things happen is a more satisfying process of learning about oneself. The 'live' or 'on the fly' aspect of our coaching means access to a coach as needed such as just before a critical meeting to strategize or just after to debrief and gain lessons learned.

While our specialty is action strategy coaching, in practice we use aspects of all three coaching approaches. We tailor our coaching process based on the needs of the individual and the business. We pay special attention to needs of women in the workplace. Our group is dedicated to helping those who want to learn more about themselves in order to better contribute to the business and attain the career success they desire.



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