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Accelerate your career success the ethical way…use Political Savvy!

Developing a successful career should include a plan to get ahead by using real-world ethical solutions to communicate your way towards success. Organizational Politics is a reality in any organization with more than one person, so why not do what you can to encourage positive politics. That is what the Political Savvy Advantage is all about.

Based on decades of real world research across various industries and cultures, Political Savvy creates a win-win mindset for the individual and the corporation.

Colleges and Universities are great at teaching theory and many have adapted to provide some real world case studies to make for an easier transition. However, few colleges or universities truly prepare students for the realities of internal corporate politics. Learn from our Political Savvy Advantage Products how to begin career success by developing relationships for career and personal success.

Advance your career by design, gain promotion ethically in any organization by communicating your way to success. Having a knowledge on this highly taboo topic developing human relations for career success can really give you an edge in today’s working world. Get advice on achieving career success and compete for that management promotion the right way.

Career Success Training

Mastering organizational politics through Political Savvy is a proven ethical leadership approach that any organization and any individual can use to both influence positive change in an organization and achieve career success at the same time; even when negative organizational politics are severe.

Accelerating Career Success with Q & A

Plan to get ahead in any organization by using real-world ethical win-win solutions. Organizational Politics is a reality in any organization with more than one person, so why not do what you can to encourage positive politics. That is what the Political Savvy Advantage is all about.

Based on decades of real world research across various industries and cultures, Political Savvy creates a win-win mindset for the individual and the corporation. Read the descriptions below to see which situations you can relate to and read the book to find out how to overcome these obstacles to success.

Navigating Ideas

“How do I navigate my ideas through the corporate minefields?” — IT Professional.

This is certainly the right kind of question. Too many bright people never even think of it. They just develop their idea, research it well, present it well and hope upper management does the right thing.

Navigating ideas through the system is how the Political Savvy deal with ideas. Their compass is ethical influence and their north star is sticking with what is in the best interest of the business as a whole.

The Political Savvvy approach starts with the OPMT (Organizational Politics Mapping Technique) which maps out the influence terrain. They build support for their idea using a systematic informal process and tools like the 51% Guide, Agenda Linking and Credibility Pathing. Using a Plan-Act-Plan-Act approach, they systematically spot possible mines or obstacles and flow around them using their networks.

These strategies are central to the Savvy Advantage and are experienced in the Gateway Experience seminar as discussed in the Political Savvy book.

Political Victims

“How do I avoid becoming victimized by corporate politics?” — Marketing Manager

Often, people can do a great job in working with clients, only to find they have been outmaneuvered in getting a promotion by an unethical peer who sold less but did a better job of buttering up the boss back at the office.

Another all too common example is when the boss steals the credit for an idea that a subordinate originated.

Our work strongly supports the finding that those who try to avoid entering the influence areana because of the strong negative stereotype associated with politics are the ones most likely to become victimized by them.

The Political Savvy are seldom victims. First they have the networks throughout the organization that keep them ‘in the loop’ of what is really going on behind the scences and who is doing what to whom.

Second, the only creature that sharks avoid is the porpoise. They have less teeth but can outmaneuver and even hammer a shark. The parallel in organizations is that the Political Savvy are like the porpoise. They can swim with the sharks but are and are seldom victimized by them.

Political Savvy products show how to use ethical positive practices to best deal with sharks and avoid being victimized by negative organizational politics.

Ethics Is Power

“Ethical politics sounds like an oxymoron. Does it really work?” — Financial Director

Yes. Like most people we originally considered ethical behavior as a ‘shouldism’, an obligation to do the right thing. However, individuals identified as political savvy by those who knew them recognized that operating ethically is not only the right thing to do, it also increased their influence and impact in the organization.

Other talented people prefer to work with someone who is ethical. There are no hidden agendas to worry about. They know they will be treated fairly and don’t have to watch their back.

Upper management is more willing to listen to someone with an ethical reputation because they know the persons is operating in the best interest of the business. As a result of these types of issues [see the ‘ethics is power’ page on this website] an ethical person’s reputation or ‘rep’ grows in the organization. The higher ones’ rep the more influence they tend to have. Therefore they are better able to get their ideas across and make an impact.

It is an unfortunate misnomer that a self serving ‘shark’ who consistently cuts corners can be more effective.

The Savvy Advantage shows how being an active ethical influencer actually has greater performance and greater career success than either ‘sharks’ or political avoiders.


“Shouldn’t the merits of my work speak for itself? Why should I have to schmooze in order to be successful”— Research and Development professional.

In the ideal capitalistic world the organization should operate as a pure rational meritocracy. In that ideal state the rational merits of one’s work should be both necessary and sufficient to determine one’s success.

However, as the overwhelming amount of data in our research supports, organizations are not purely rational systems operating purely by rational rules. Organizations are human systems that operate by the rules of human nature.

Human nature is more than rational. Courage, heart, trust, commitment, etc. are aspects of human nature that are not just rational and are vital for company success.

The Political Savvy view organizations as human systems and work with the grain of human nature when influencing the business. As a result the general operating assumption of the Political Savvy is that the merit of ones’ work is necessary but often not sufficient to ensure success. Therefore every good idea needs the originator to initiate leadership to influence the system in a political savvy way to maximize the odds of success.

The mindset and the tool set included in the Savvy Advantage help people ensure the merits of their work receives the treatment they deserve.

Self-Serving Boss (Machiavellian)

“I work for a self serving (Machiavellian) boss. Is there any thing I can do it about it”— Office Worker

Too many people believe all they can do is take it. While it is a difficult situation, one is not entirely helpless.

The Political Savvy have several options at their disposal. They might look to be on as many cross functional teams as possible. Connections made on these teams can provide routes to laterally move out from under their current boss.

Supporting the part of the boss’s agenda that one believes is in the best interest of the business gives one a way to still contribute as they wait for an opportunity to get out from under.

Additionally the Political Savvy use their existing networks to find opportunities to work on tasks that can lead to working for another boss.

If the boss is truly a manipulative tyrant then the boss is bad for the organization as well as subordinates. The Political Savvy will look for ethical and savvy ways to get the true nature of the boss known to those higher up in the organization.

There are other possible actions to take that deal with this type of tough situation including allowing such bosses to do themselves in. The Savvy Advantage provides a range of options.

Office Politics

“How do I survive the daily soap opera of office politics?” — Office Worker.

People sometimes confuse office politics with organizational politics. When this occurs advice is often more misleading than leading one to be effective.

Our work demonstrates that while there is some overlap there is a clear difference between office and organizational politics.

Office politics concerns itself with the daily jostling for management favoritism, peer one upmanship, and boss’s petty power plays over subordinates. At this level interpersonal skills, and micro tactics can be very useful.

Yet surviving the daily soap opera seldom has much to do with influencing major decisions in the larger organization.

The Politcal Savvy were found to deal with petty office politics by often just ignoring them. Their focus is on larger issues and their ethical behavior helps keep them from losing focus and getting caught up in the tar baby of office politics.

The Savvy Advantage helps people see the larger picture while keeping from being damaged by local office politics.

Gain the proven benefits from the Savvy Advantage™ using various forms of Political Savvy research, books, and seminars.

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