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Learn the role and use of Positive Power and Politics to achieve success in any organization.

Develop your skills with the necessary mindset, strategies, and techniques used by some of the most successful executives.

Mastering organizational politics through Political Savvy is a proven ethical leadership approach that any organization and any individual can use to both influence positive change in an organization and achieve career success at the same time; even when negative organizational politics are severe.

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Creating Savvy Leaders using Positive Methods and Strategy

Political Savvy covers a variety of topics for any organization…

Career Advancement with ethical strategies based on more than a decade of research.

Developing a successful career should include a plan to get ahead by using real-world ethical solutions to communicate your way towards success.

Team Building Seminar on Organizational Politics

The Political Savvy Seminar is a summary of the research findings* of Prof. Joel DeLuca, author of the book: Political Savvy, Systematic Approaches to Leadership Behind the Scenes.

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