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With so many “canned” training options available on the market, it can make it difficult to find a trainer that can best connect with your specific audience. Political Savvy offers a wide variety of trainers with extensive backgrounds in both internal and external training and education. We match our trainers with individual clients so that the seminar experience best meets the client’s, and their participant’s, specific organizational needs.

Please feel free to visit our individual trainer biography and resume pages listed below to explore the expertise of our Certified Trainers. Click on a trainers name for more information:

Mark Antonucci, Master Trainer

Elizabeth Coffey, Master Trainer

Maria-Cristina DeBrigard

Francisco Gómez

Dwight Jaggard, Ph.D.

Kathryn Mayer

Mary Brunelle Simon

Contact us by email [email protected] for additional information on our trainers, as well as information on other available Political Savvy Certified Trainers.

Gain the proven benefits from the Savvy Advantage™ using various forms of Political Savvy research, books, seminars and coaching. Mastering organizational politics through Political Savvy is a proven ethical leadership approach that any organization and any individual can use to both influence positive change in an organization and achieve career success at the same time; even when negative organizational politics are severe.

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