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Seminar Testimonials

Political Savvy: Seminar Testimonials

Systematic Approaches to Leadership Behind-the-Scenes

Testimonials From Political Savvy Seminars:

The topic of this book, Political Savvy, drew a surprising amount of interest. We had over two hundred requests from a variety of organisations who wanted to attend the seminar. It was unfortunate that we had to limit attendance, especially as the seminar was so well received.

Dr. Stephen Gans
London Institute for Management Studies

I was very much looking forward to the Political Savvy Presentation. It looked like information that I’ve been looking for my entire professional life. The session certainly lived up to my expectations.” … “I believe the work you [Joel DeLuca] are doing is so very much needed in the world of today. It fosters right human relations. It is my hope, as I’m sure it is yours, that it helps to create what we all wish for – a kinder, gentler environment in which all feel safe to live and love.” [The Political Savvy book is] “Cogent and well written

Eva Simonsen, President
Prudential-Roseland, IAAP Chapter

Recently, I attended a seminar on Political Savvy by Joel DeLuca which was one of the most informative on the topic of organizational politics that I have ever had the pleasure of being a participant.

Alex Brewer, Lloyds TSB Bank,
London, England

The Political Savvy Seminar was of particular value to me because I was able to distinguish between the three levels – those that play above board, those in the middle, and those below. And I was able to learn how to work with those in the middle without compromising my values and ethics. 

VP Citigroup – Europe

The evening was profound, the learning impactful…We know that the information will contribute in assisting many of us as internal and external consultants in the organizations we serve.” “…we learned a lot about learning how to strategize and influence while keeping it ethical, above board and maintaining one’s self esteem. Joel helped shift our mindset.

Organizer, Philadelphia Region Organization Development Network

I thought your talk on ‘Political Savvy’ was extremely interesting and well done. In addition to being on the board of ASTD-SCC, I am a member of the Connecticut chapter of the National Speakers Association. That organization has exposed me to many fine speakers, and I think that you are among the best I’ve seen. Your enthusiasm, content knowledge, and facilitation technique made for an engaging evening. If any of my clients have a need for an executive coach or leadership training, I would recommend you.

Alice Stitelman, Ph.D.
ASTD Presentation June 2005

Just wanted to let you know the political savvy piece of our session went VERY well. After the three days we received a standing ovation and I must say it is due to the quality of the political savvy information.” … “We are swamped with business…

Mark Rodgers

Political Savvy gave me great ideas on how to go about doing what I’m trying to acheive, which is for us (BMC Software) to do business in another way. It gave me the necessary information on how to sell your idea within your own company to gain support and how to execute your plan.

Bill Griffin, Senior Manager – Emerging Markets
BMC Software

For me, I tend to enjoy the human side of things. The big awareness that I left Political Savvy with was that I can affect the situation.

Terrell Smith, Software Developer

The major value I received from the Political Savvy Seminar was understanding that politically savvy individuals are not necessarily political, but rather ethical and take the opportunity to relationships across all departments within an organization. The true political savvy individual never compromises ethics to justify a means to an end.

Kelly Morrison, Internal Customer Support Manager
Cardinal Health

immediately applicable to my job…very realistic.

Attendees at Bell Atlantic Executive Education program

I would like to thank you for last week’s training on Political Savvy at our Annual Conference. All the feedback was extremely positive, the event was very successful! 

SVP, Citibank

I very much enjoyed the presentation. I find that Dr. DeLuca’s tips will be very helpful to me in coaching my female clients who are very hesitant to be ‘political’. 

Maribeth D. Renne
Internationally Certified Career Management Professional

I think tolerance…..tolerance in listening to all sides of the story. Sometimes we don’t understand the big picture not knowing that we don’t and that there are many sides to consider. I think you need to get all the information.

Denise Kelley, Manager, Simulation & Tool SW Dev.,
Command & Control Software Dev., International Space Station
The Boeing Company

On behalf of the NWCT, I would like to thank you for joining us this past Tuesday Evening and delivering such a powerful presentation. We received such tremendous feedback from our members who found your presentation to be fun, enthusiastic and a true eye opener on how we choose to work with others.

Pamela Finnerty
Business Development
Network of Women in Computer Technology

On behalf of the Network of Women in Computer Technology, I would like to thank you and Vicki Weiss for a most thorough and informative presentation on the dynamics of power and politics. The way everyone was able to participate was an enjoyable and added bonus. The workshop helped us to understand much better what skills we need to become politically savvy. You were both outstanding and the members of NWCT truly benefited from your presentation. 

Evelyn Fair – Program Committee
Network of Women in Computer Technology

The audience was thrilled to hear you, David and Connie {the other panelists} discuss this intriguing topic.” … “We have had rave reviews and several people have mentioned that they are running out and buying your book.

Alice C. & Sophie Kaufmann – Political Savvy Women, Power & Politics Panel
FWA Professional Development and Leadership Committee

Other Comments from audience members at this FWA event:

what a wonderful event, timely, relevant, and so very useful

a thrilling evening

Joel was absolutely sensational and provided unique, helpful insight and strategies into the corporate/executive world that we all face as women.

Other Testimonials

The class sessions based upon the book were such a hit in our Management of Technology program for engineers that we have now incorporated it permanently into the curriculum. This is a must read for all practicing technologists, engineers and scientists.

Dwight L. Jaggard, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Graduate Education & Research,
School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania

I will be presenting a session [on professional ethics and believe] Joel DeLuca’s Ethics is Power baker’s dozen [principles] would be a perfect compliment to my presentation

Earl Johnson, Reader on Amazon

I wish I had this earlier in my career.

Leslie Margolis, President
Network of Women in Computing Technology

Political Savvy helped me because I have a tendency to be very direct … and it doesn’t always work. I’m in the financial unit and responsible for making a profit. It solidified the fact that you do need to work through other people. It brought it home to me – you need to have others help others all for the benefit of the company.

Phyllis H. Geans, Manager,
Business & Operations Support, Entergy Texas

Political Savvy has been very helpful because my team carries out a lot of change (IT Support Services). It helps identify who we should talk to and ways to communicate that change within our organization.

Sheila W. Green, Director of IT Support Services
Cardinal Health

Understanding the perceptions and reluctance many have to being Politically Savvy has been tremendously beneficial to myself and my team. Dr. DeLuca’s insight regarding how facts that support a new idea are ‘Necessary but not sufficient’ speaks volumes to the work that my team does at NASA. There are a wealth of great ideas at NASA with supporting facts to justify them, but they are not sufficient to take them beyond the idea stage. It takes Political Savvy to understand how the idea supports the NASA mission.

Stephen A. Gonzalez, Project Manager

You have been tremendously helpful to me… thank you for the time and guidance you have offered. As a result – my meeting with the client was very successful.” “…the most compelling part…was pertaining to the ability to create the organization’s political map – having a simple framework to think through the list of the stakeholders and clearly assess who is in the game of influencing.

Edyta Pacuk, MICA

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