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Mark Antonucci

Master Trainer, Mark Antonucci

Political Savvy Certified Trainer

Mark Antonucci has been Master Trainer for the Political Savvy seminar for the past fourteen years. Recently he developed an updated digital download version of the seminar as a self-guided tutorial of the concepts and skills to become a political savvy leader entitled:

Political Savvy: Maximizing Your IMPACT in the Organization.

This tutorial is available on the link below or in our Political Savvy Products Shop.

Mark also conducts an online instructor-led version of this seminar by request.

Mark has an extensive background in the world of executive development. For twenty-two years he had served as Regional Chairman for the Institute for Management Studies (IMS), where he has been responsible for producing a schedule of executive development seminars for its member clients. It was there that he was first introduced to Joel DeLuca and became an advocate for the Political Savvy program some twenty years ago.

As he states:
“I believed then, as I believe now, that everyone who works inside an organization should be exposed to the political savvy concepts espoused by Prof. DeLuca.”

Mark has held several executive positions in the past, including Sr. Vice President at Corporate Counseling Associates in New York City. Mark earned a Masters degree in Counseling and Human Systems from Florida State University.

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