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Political Savvy Advantage™ Seminars

“No leadership education is complete until it is grounded in the political realities of organizational life.”
— Peter Drucker 

The Political Savvy Seminar is a summary of the research findings* of Prof. Joel DeLuca, author of the book: Political Savvy, Systematic Approaches to Leadership Behind the Scenes. DeLuca set out to answer the following questions:

  1. Are some people more successful at advancing ideas in the corporate setting than others?
    The answer to question 1, according to the research findings, is a clear YES.
  2. What is different about these individuals?
    The distinguishing characteristics of the more successful group could be generally broken down into two areas; the attitude they have as to their role (the MINDSET) and the tactics they use (the TOOLSET).
  3. Is what is different “teachable” to others?
    The answer to this question is YES, and is the essence of the Political Savvy seminar.”

The Political Savvy seminar is dynamic and highly participative. The workshop can handle any group from 8 to 35 participants. The seminar utilizes powerful interactive excercises to uncover the link between the “savvy” principles and the development of ethical and effective leadership practices. This seminar employs powerful interactive simulations and dialogue stimulating exercises using comparisons with research based ‘politically savvy benchmarks’. They dramatically address the relationships between leadership and organization politics.

The exercises re-ignite the spark to make a difference. The principles such as ‘the 51% guide’, ‘agenda linking,’ and ‘ credibility pathing’ provide the means to build a critical mass of support within the organization to move important ideas forward.

The political savvy dimension of leadership includes a specific influence mapping tool that serves to create an overall influence strategy. This strategy greatly leverages the interpersonal skills such as negotiation, persuasion, communication, active listening and emotional intelligence. Interpersonal skills within a political savvy strategy thus become a great one-two punch in impacting the organization.

Lively debates ensue throughout the seminars. They typically bring out the critical importance of both quantitative and qualitative skills in being a leader. They also show the importance of such issues as trust and networks.

See why the core aspects of the seminar and book have been used at Harvard, Yale, MIT, Wharton, the FBI Academy and other universities to prepare their graduates for success in the new realities of business.

Corporations such as Xerox, Victoria’s Secret, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, TIAA-CREF, Lockheed Martin, New York Life, Credit Swiss Boston, and others around the world are also beginning to use the seminar and book to gear their best and brightest to succeed given the enormous challenges they face.


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“The topic of this book, Political Savvy, drew a surprising amount of interest. We had over two hundred requests from a variety of organisations who wanted to attend the seminar. It was unfortunate that we had to limit attendance, especially as the seminar was so well received.”
– Dr. Stephen Gans
London Institute for Management Studies

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