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Seminar Agenda

Political Savvy 1/2 Day Agenda

Used in organizations such as GE, Lockheed Martin, Merrill Lynch, The FBI, Victoria’s Secret, JP Morgan, Fidelity, Xerox, UPS, Harvard, Wharton and Yale

Attitude: Legitimize the task (The Will)

10 min: Introduction and framing of political savvy as leadership skill.

Interactive Exercise in Teams

60 min: A dynamic interactive group session involving an actual political situation. Participants develop an influence strategy that turns around an initially hopeless situation into a winning result. They discover for themselves several of the key savvy principles.

Blocks to Political Savvy

20 min: Identifying why many of the best technical people don’t develop or engage in creating strategic influence strategies upward and outward in the organization.

Approach: Work the Human System (The Way)

Savvy Strategies

60 min: Using multiple choice questions in triads to dialogue about the 4 major strategies that the savvy use to make an ethical impact on the organization. Participant responses are matched with those of the politically savvy.

Mapping the Political Territory

15 min: Providing participants with a specific take away technique for mapping the influence terrain in their own part of the organization which greatly facilitates and improves political savvy strategizing. Then there is a brief summary and close.

While most people are wary of organizational politics, political savvy individuals know how to manage them.

Political Savvy overcomes the taboo of discussing organizational politics. It debunks the stereotype of politics as a ‘shark’ infested manipulative underworld. Political Savvy shows how influence can actually increase by operating ethically and ‘above board’.

Using tools like the 51% guide, agenda linking, credibility pathing, and political mapping, the Political Savvy approach gives practical hope to those jaded by organizational politics to become ‘impact players’ and leaders.

Learn to use the Political Savvy skills taught at Wharton, Harvard, and Yale and to top executives at Fortune 500 companies!

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