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Test Your Political Savvy I.Q.

This quiz was created in conjunction with those (the 5-10%) seen to be politically savvy by those that know them. Each statement relates to a significant aspect of being politically savvy.

Click to see what your number of matches with the political savvy would indicate.

Political Savvy Individuals…
1. sometimes have to manipulate the situation to get results  True  False
2. recognize that dealing with organization politics is a necessary evil.  True  False
3. generally are high in interpersonal skills.  True  False
4. are often more likely to work alone.  True  False
5. generally care a lot about ideas.  True  False
6. are as likely to take credit as give it.  True  False
7. often take significant risks to attain important goals.  True  False
8. invest a great deal in making decisions more rational.  True  False
9. are willing to confront those they know are acting purely out of self interest.  True  False

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